What I Eat In A Day: A Light Training Day on RP Strength

Here's a peek into what I've eating on Cut 1 of my RP Strength diet.  Here's what I ate yesterday, which was a light training day for me.  


Meal 1:  Iced coffee from Birch and a lazy girl breakfast.  Turkey lunch meat with celery and laughing cow cheese.


Meal 2:  Low carb tortilla with laughing cow cheese, turkey lunch meat, spinach and italian dressing.  Also, half a serving of thai chili lime cashews, a La Croix and another iced coffee.


Meal 3:  Another wrap: grilled chicken, feta, chopped onions, spinach and a little sriracha.  Plus a banana on the side.  


Meal 4:  Chocolate protien powder and cherry kool-aid.


Meal 5:  A frozen paleo meal, with some frozen broccoli on the side because I didn't eat enough veggies today.


Meal 6:  Casein pudding with cool whip and a bowl of strawberry cheerios with almond milk.



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NYC Class Pass: Tone House 101 Review

So, I am a fit person.  I crossfit regularly, I've done a few marathons and I bike to work - and this class was HARD.  It's touted as "the hardest class in NYC" and even though I only took the 101 Class, I could see this being true.  

The room is dark and cool, with club-like lightning, kind of like Barry's.  But instead of treadmills, there is an astroturf with battle ropes, pull up bars, free weights and other random equipment off to the side of the room.

tone house nyc


I went on a Wednesday, which happens to be "Core Day" so most of the things we did involved cardio and abs.  The warm up was by far the hardest part - laps of running around the room and jumping over obstacles.   We would do four laps and then rest for a minute, and I definitely needed the rest.  (From talking to the instructor it sounds like the regular classes have no rest during the warm up).  From there we moved onto abs, using an ab dolly to do all sorts of planks, twists and mountain climbers.  After that we did a mix of shuttle sprints, burpees, mountain climbers and bear crawls on ab slide things.  There was a fair amount of rest during this - 2 people would be working and the other four of us would be resting or stretching.  We finished up with roughly 2 minutes mix of burpees, crunches and squat jumps.

I wore my Apple Watch set to HIIT training for the hour I was there.  I don't put a ton of stock in the calories burned, but I do like seeing my heart rate nice and high. 


I LOVED the class, however I wasn't crazy about the cheesy team mentality.  Don't get me wrong - I LOVE cheering for people.  I fully believe in working together and encouraging the last few people to finish up a hard workout....but we did an actual team huddle and cheer before/after the workout and it was tough not roll my eyes.  

As for the facilities, they were nice and clean.  Open co-ed locker room with a handful of individual shower rooms and separate women's and men's restrooms.  I went to the UES location and I'm curious to see what the NoMad location is like - I think there's an ice bath!  

All in all, I loved it and can't wait to go back.

10 out of 10, would Tone House again!


Weekly Workouts

Big week over here!  I got a 10 pound PR on my jerk and I managed to do a few workouts RX that I didn't think I could do. 



Did the single arm high pulls at 30#, worked up 123# for the clean and jerk, did 168# for the back squats.  


Worked up to 98 for the snatches and 113 for the snatch balance.  Metcon time was 10:32. 

Worked up to 98 for the snatches and 113 for the snatch balance.  Metcon time was 10:32. 



Used a 16# wallball for both sets, did strict HSPU with a one inch deficit and only did sets of 3 mups.


Rest Day! 


We did the partner conditioning WOD above in 15:06.  I managed to do all the snatches unbroken, which is really good for me!



Long Saturday workout!  Worked up to 83 for the snatches and 153 for the jerks.  I had to scale the metcon weight to 113 because I'm awful at power cleans.  


Rest Day!  Went to the beach with friends and did zero activity other than swimming and paddle board.


Things I'm Loving Lately #2

Happy Friday!  Here are a few things that I've been enjoying this week...




I just passed my final exam so now I'm a certified nutrition coach!  I'm in the process of updating my blog to include a coaching page and I'll be posting a full review of the course here next week.




My mom gave me an early birthday present when I was visiting last weekend.  I've wanted a clairsonic for awhile but it seemed silly to spend a hundred bucks on a gadget to wash my face, so I was super happy when she surprised me with one!  I've only been using it for a week but I've been loving it so far.


I managed to make it to the Union Square Green Market on Wednesday and grabbed so many delcioous things!  Peaches and blueberries and honey, galore!




There's a store on the UES where I buy all my bows and it's adorable!  I popped in this week when I was nearby to replace my favorite pink bow that accidentally went through the laundry and is ruined.



Went out to dinner on Thursday night with my friend Julia to an adorable spot in Nolita.  So many good things on the menu - I need to go back when I'm not cutting for a competition!


Cauliflower Funfetti Kodiak Cakes

I LOVE pancakes!  However, I rarely ate them, except when I was "treating" myself.  Since discovering Kodiak Powercakes, I've been eating them all the time.  I felt like I didn't get quite enough veggies yesterday, so I decided to throw some frozen cauliflower into the mix and it came out great!  I swear, I couldn't even taste it!



80 mL unsweetened vanilla almond milk

53g Kodiak cake mix

1 large egg

50g frozen riced cauliflower

1 tbsp rainbow sprinkles



1.  Add egg, cauliflower and almond milk to nutribullet/blender/vitamix contraption.*

2.  Blend for a few seconds, just until chunks are gone. 

3.  Add Kodiak cake mix and stir with spoon.  DO NOT BLEND, just stir by hand.**

4.  Add sprinkles(or forget and add them while the pancake is cooking, like me)


5.  Pour half the batter onto a hot pan.  Cook like normal pancakes; roughly 3 minutes on the first side, another 90 seconds after the flip.  Repeat for rest of batter***

6.  Top with anything and enjoy! 


 *I like pancakes on the fluffier side, so I add less almond milk.  Less liquid = thicker batter = fluffier cakes.  If you want more of a thin, crepe style pancake, add a little more almond milk.

**Blending the pancake mix makes it super thin.

***These did not bubble like regular pancake mix, so be aware of that and don't let them burn.


MACROS 10g F // 41g C // 21g P